Snow & Ice Management

Snow & Ice Management

Merit provides safe and reliable property care for all weather conditions 24/7. Our snow and ice management programs take a proactive approach with pre-season planning, resource staging, weather monitoring, and continuous event communication. 

Full List of Services

Comprehensive Service Programs

  • Planning and Risk Management
  • Snow and Ice Removal
    • Plowing, Shoveling, and Hauling
    • De-icing

Budget-Friendly Agreements

  • Variable and Seasonal
  • Fixed and Capped

Weather and Technology Integration

  • Pre, Active, and Post Communication
  • Certified Weather Reporting

Service Areas

  • Comprehensive Service Programs
  • Plowing
  • Shoveling
  • De-icing
  • Hauling
  • Planning & Risk Management
  • Weather & Technology Integration
    • Pre, Active, Post Communication
    • Certified Weather Reporting
  • Budget Friendly Agreements
    • Variable & Seasonal
    • Fixed & Capped

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